Ai Group $990 Membership Campaign

Client: Australian Industry Group

Date: Tue, Mar 2018


Project description:

Australian Industry Group is Australia’s largest industry group representing the needs of business at a Government level as well as providing expert legal advice,HR, IR or WHS assistance as part of it’s membership plan.

My role in this project was to design a landing page that would effectively communicate to the end user the greatly reduced cost of $990 per annum membership which could potentially save businesses valuable time and thousands of dollars over unfair dismissal claims.

The target audience for the initial campaign was aimed at Western Sydney, however, the page that I designed and developed is set to be used for many similar campaigns aimed at different employment sectors.

The design process involved several internal stages of review with a prerequisite that it would remain visually consistent with the Corporate Brochure that I had previously designed.

I also developed the HTML5/CSS3/Jquery so that it was compatible across all devices and platforms to ensure a complete user experience in order to maximise campaign goals.

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